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Soil and land elevation varies across the field, so why not vary the hybrid? Using Raven's patent-pending OmniRow® Multi-Hybrid Planting control, you can select hybrids based on moisture and disease resistance. The advanced hydraulic-motor clutch provides population control and row shut-off while turn compensation optimizes seed spacing when planting on a curve. 

Application Drawings

Raven CANBUS Electrical Hardware for Tractors

OmniRow Level IV System 16 Row 30in Spacing Individual Row Control

OmniRow Level II System 16 Row 30in Spacing Sectional Control

OmniRow Level III System 16 Row 30in Spacing Multirow

OmniRow Level I System Application Drawing

OmniRow Level III System, John Deere Level III System, 4 motor kit 20-40in spacing, multirow control

Planter Auxiliary Monitoring System

Planter Auxiliary Control System

Envizio Pro II, OmniRow Level II, SmarTrax RTK, Slingshot, Auxiliary Node, John Deere 8130 Tractor, 12R Planter

Envizio Pro II, OmniRow Level III, SmarTrax, Slingshot, Product Controller, JD 8X30 Tractor, Kinze 3660 16R Planter

Envizio Pro II WAAS, OmniRow Level I, Single Product Liquid CropStart, JD 8X30 Tractor, JD 1770 12R Planter

OmniRow Level III, 12X2, Auxiliary Node, Sidekick Pro, JD 1770CCS 24R30 Planter

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