All calculators are Microsoft Excel files. 

Master Calculator

Use to calculate the following:

  • Coefficient of Volume (CV) calculates the amount of pressure drop through the control valve. Helps determine whether or not the control valve used is adequte for the application, based on how many gallons per minute are flowing through the system.
  • Calculated Pressure Drop (General System Configuration) determines pressure drop of an application system.
  • Band Adjusted Rate calcuates the broadcast rate along with the band width and row spacing. This calculator is best used when spraying directly on the rows versus broadcast spraying.
  • Gallons per Minute (General System Configuration) determiens the gallons per minute the system is applying. GPM is used when determining other system configurations

AccuFlow Calculator

Use to determine which AccuFlow System is needed, and calculate AccuFlow HP ROI.

Spreader Constant (US and Metric)

Used in granular applications to help determine accurate application of product.

Raven/New Leader Spreader Constant

Used to determine the Conveyor Flow Rate (CFR), Application Error, and spreader constant. 

Flowmeter Working Range

Every Raven flowmeter has a flow range where it can accurately measure the amount of product going through it. The working range helps determine which flowmeter best fits the application need.

Rate Calculator

Used to determine rates for GPM, GPA, MPH, and Oz/Min.

Hawkeye 2 Tip Selection and Speed Range Guide

Used to determine the speed range for Hawkeye2 tip selection and nozzle control.

Hawkeye Speed Range Utility

Used to determine the speed range for Hawkeye nozzle control.

Meter Cal Adjust

Speed Cal Adjust